Ibtekkar is a worldwide vendor neutral solution provider; we provide answers to questions, solutions to challenges. by intelligently analysing large complex requirements across an organisation helping to negate or minimise operational or business inefficiencies and allowing businesses to achieve significant value. We proactively partner with our customers, understanding their business objectives and delivering solutions that solve their challenges and barriers to success. Our aim is to add real business value and to drive bottom line benefit for our customers business.

Training Services
Our training service portfolio offers a range of essential, professional and managed services to deploy and manage effective solutions in a secure manner allowing you to focus on your people and your core business.
We offer end-user and product training to provide your staff with the skills required to achieve the best results.

Our Technical team is certified in line with different Vendor’s requirements, and they undergo on going certification and skills enhancement to keep their profile current and relevant to our customer’s changing environments.

End-user and Product Training: Our clients and channel partners have access to our Product Managers and Technical Resources to obtain in-depth training on small, medium and large enterprise systems and solutions.
Connectivity and Network Solutions
Networking solutions and services, including building and optimising LANs and WANs, either they are fixed or wireless, to ensure your network infrastructure reliably supports the needs of your business today with the agility and flexibility you will need in future. We offer fixed or wireless connectivity, between customer premises. Once connected, customers can choose from a host of reliable voice solutions, virtual private networks and business Internet access offerings, under an affordable total cost and increasing easy access to additional services.

LAN: The design and building of local area networks using fixed or wireless technologies for small businesses right up to large business campuses, able to carry video, voice and data.
WAN: Together our LAN solutions we also design build and support Private and Virtual Private wide area networks using modern technologies.
Network & Application Optimisation: Tools, processes and utilities to manage the bandwidth of our customers’ networks so that they operate at peak efficiency. Tasks range from keeping routers and switches up to date to identifying and resolving data flow bottlenecks.
Voice and Data: Voice and data solutions ideally suited for corporate and SME customers to reduce their overall information and telecommunication spend.
Virtual Private Network (VPN): Using MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) businesses have the ability to create their own VPNs across the core network. We offer various Classes of Service enabling customers to prioritise voice and business critical data above other data.
Start-up Services
We help cash-strapped start-ups needing to get branded and set up online for the first time with stripped down versions of our services.

Branding: Caring for small details makes your web presence a great interface to your world. We have pixel-perfect standards and go through several cycles to deliver you a great website. We provide complete branding from logo design to stationary packages.
Website design: We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on. We promise to create a website that will fit your business, both your needs and your customer’s requirements.
Infrastructure services
It's our business to make your business great. Ibtekkar Infrastructure Services are accelerating innovation to create more value for our clients. Collaborating with strategic partners and delivering on a global scale. We are aligned and supporting the evolution to Next Generation Infrastructure Services.
Computing: The heart of the solution is a data centre server platform incorporating computing infrastructure, virtualisation technology, networking and monitoring components. This all-in-one platform allows businesses to improve infrastructure scalability, speed up deployments of server environments and reduce total cost.
Storage: Storage area network solutions provide enhanced data management through advanced backup, recovery, restore, management and utilization capabilities.
Virtualisation: Virtualisation at every level of both the hardware and software stack simplifies the environment. By centralising administrative tasks, improve scalability and overall hardware-resource utilization. Several operating systems can be run in parallel on a single central processing unit resulting in reduced overhead costs.
Cloud Solutions
Now cloud solutions and services are enabling the enterprise by accelerating innovation, delivering business agility and reducing costs. Top that with Ibtekkar solutions to provide customers with reduced capital expenditure requirement, lower total cost of ownership and a rapid deployment process.
Communications as a Service Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCaaS): Hosted unified communications and collaboration solutions delivering cutting-edge functionality that collates voice, data, messaging, Web collaboration, mobility and presence functionality to form an easy-to-use and flexible collaboration offering.
Infrastructure and Software as a Service: Computing as a service, as and when required, on a “pay as you go” basis, encompasses aspects of Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and/or Platform as a Service (PaaS).
Collaboration and Contact center
A wide range of telephony solutions, from simple PABX to full enterprise communication platforms enabling cost effective communications between your staff, customers and supply chain. We also provide sophisticated unified communication solutions integrating voice, video, messaging and web collaboration applications.
Contact centre solutions including call recording, quality assurance, and workforce management designed to improve customer service and driving customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention.
Telephony and Fax: Encompasses a range of business telephony systems and platforms that include traditional PABX and handsets all the way through to advance IP communication solutions.
Unified Communications: Unified communications connects people, information and teams enabling our customers to better collaborate with their customers, co-workers, partners and vendors – all off a single network infrastructure using any device, anywhere, any time.
Video- and Tele-conferencing: A range of video- and tele-conferencing solutions allowing our customers to conference in an inexpensive and green environmentally friendly way; without ever leaving their desks.
Mobility: Mobility solutions offer customers the benefit from the growing trend in business where employees bring their own devices to the workplace. This enables mobile workers to be more productive anywhere through the extended corporate network.
Presence: As with the growing trend in mobility, our solutions incorporate presence, which has begun to play an ever more important role in business when collaborating with others. The use of a “presence state” to indicate to other availability and willingness to communicate has almost become imperative.
Call Recording: Customers can digitally record calls for quality assurance or verification purposes. Calls may be recorded full-time, by campaig,n, or on-demand.
Quality Assurance: Allows administrators to easily conduct quality assurance on their agents by randomly selecting recordings to identify top and bottom performers and drive coaching activities - ensuring the best service at all times.
Mobility represents the future: how enterprises interact with customers, employees, partners and machines as we increasingly access the Internet and control the world from our hands. Ibtekkar can deliver an end-to-end set of mobility services, connecting your mobility strategy to every other technology initiative in your organization.
Mobile Strategy Services: leader in enterprise mobility to help you open new channels of engagement with customers, partners and employees.
Ibtekkar develops, executes and delivers mobility strategies that will increase employee productivity, open new revenue streams and create a more connected workforce. Ibtekkar can help you develop an effective enterprise mobility strategy that identifies: How to link mobile applications to existing legacy applications, what tools to use and How to adapt development processes to rapidly iterate mobile app development and maintenance.
Mobile Applications Development Services: Rapidly and cost-effectively design, develop and deploy mobility solutions that meet your unique needs. Ibtekkar Mobile Applications Development Services offer complete end-to-end development and delivery of mobile applications.
Technology Consulting
Whether you want to optimize an entire business, enhance business processes with technology, or simply improve your organization’s operational performance, Ibtekkar offers a highly specialized management consulting service that’s right for you.
Network consulting: Ibtekkar Network experts help you to build your network across the globe and ensure complexity is a motive to achieve their targets.
Security consulting: Ibtekkar consulting Services offers solutions to help organizations manage IT risk and maximize IT performance. Our expertise is built on decades of technical leadership and practical, real-world experience deploying solutions in complex, multi-vendor environments. Our methodology is based on internationally recognized standards and best practices, and is tailored to your organizations unique needs.
Project Management Consulting: we can help you find the right partner to assess, plan and implement business improvements The more your consultant gains understanding of your particular organization, the more effective she or he can be. By choosing precisely the right person or firm — and sticking with them over time — you can accomplish more together.
Security Solutions
Encompassing both logical and physical security, our approach aims to ensure that all customer assets are tracked, monitored and protected irrespective of time or location.
Logical Security: A range of logical security solutions to manage Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA), email and web content monitoring/management as well as general network security and the firewall rules to enforce what services and content are allowed to be accessed by users on the network.
SIEM Solutions: provides world class SIEM services to help customers getting centralized real-time integration and security management solutions based on market leaders SIEM players.
SIEM services enable customers to automate incident identification and resolution based on built-in business rules to help improve compliance and alert staff to critical security events. SIEM technology can provide real-time and historical monitoring, correlation and reporting on security events from networks, systems and applications.
Security auditing: Ibtekkar security auditing services are designed to meet the needs of wide range of organization. Through a combination of on-site audits of your Information systems configuration, your corporate policies and procedures, together with automated assessment of your systems to discover potential vulnerabilities, we provide you with a comprehensive risk assessment of your current security environment, and specific recommendations to remediate any potential weaknesses that might be found.
Physical Security: Solutions around access control for staff and visitor management using multiple authentication methods. We also provide IP based surveillance solutions for building security, and fire/smoke detection solutions to alert users on the network of any potential incidents.

Not only wide services but also deep to meet your specific industry needs:

Ibtekkar services are used across a wide range of industries to help organizations quickly implement solutions to the hardest problems they face.
Every day, our services help government agencies of all stripes to protect and maximize their intelligence.
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Ibtekkar is one of the most respected Business players in Middle East, known for its Commitment & Care to all Stakeholders, and clear vision that drives business going forward. Ibtekkar is leading a Technology solutions Provider, offering Innovative, Integrated Technology Solutions and Professional Services to customers in UAE, other GCC countries and across Europe.

We at Ibtekkar take a Consultative and System Integration approach towards our customer’s need & requirement. We first understand the specific ideas, then develop or even invent the customized technology solution by carefully selecting the right mix of products, Enterprise Communications, Networking Systems, Data Centre Solutions, Technology Security, and applications. Ibtekkar’s core competency lies in its commitment and innovative ideas that help build, integrate, support and manage the solutions across the lifecycle, through their professional service which often not only match but exceeds the customer experience & expectations.


Ibtekkar is a worldwide vendor neutral solution provider; we provide answers to questions, solutions to challenges by intelligently analysing large complex requirements across an organisation helping to negate or minimise operational or business inefficiencies and allowing businesses to achieve significant value.


To Our Employees:
Ibtekkar success is based on its people, and our leadership focuses on developing and training our employees to their full potential. We are staffed by professional individuals with high energy and fast paced digital information communication skills and experience.

To The Law: Our business conduct is in keeping with diverse social values, morals and ethics. Accordingly, we adhere to the necessary compliance regulations, ensuring that we observe the necessary legislation and our company’s own guidelines.

To The Environment: In the years ahead, the green credentials of a product will be key criteria in the buying decision of enterprises, not only because of rising energy costs, but also in the view of moral and ethical considerations and responsibility. We strongly associate with factors that affect the quality of our environment, both within our company and in the market place.

We encourage our employees to use their bicycles on the way to office to save our environment.


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